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Spin wheel

Players can ONLY spin the wheel three times during the game. The wheel will land on one of three options:

Rewind - The Questioners can show the Descriptor who they have crossed off on the Mug sheet and ask whether the mug is still in the game. If the mug has been crossed out and no longer in the game, the Descriptor chooses five mugs to come back into the game -  including the Mystery Mug.

Voice - The Descriptor says out loud the phrase ‘Judge That Mug’    in the accent of their Mystery Mug (how they think their voice would sound). 

Action - The Descriptor acts out a movement or mannerism in the style of their Mystery Mug. For example, if the category for the round is Hobbies, the Descriptor could act out playing golf to show that the Mystery Mug would play golf. 

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